Yacht Insurance Cover in Dubai



Yacht Insurance Cover is one of the rare insurance covers in the country. There are few insurance companies that offer this kind of cover.

If you are planning to buy a yacht or are having one and you need to insure it, here are insurance companies that offer this kind of a cover


AFIA Insurance has for the last 5 years stood out as the number one choice for those who need to insure their newly acquired Yacht.

Yacht Insurance from AFIA

Most types of pleasure craft can be insured with AFIA quite easily. Once you submit the details of your requirement on the form on the right, one of our marine insurance advisors would contact you, usually requesting you to complete an appropriate form. Once you have completed this and sent this back to us, you would receive a few quotes within a couple of days. Your insurance advisor will guide you on coverage and which option to choose, in addition to negotiating the best deal on your behalf. In the event of a claim, you would be provided with a specialist claims manager from AFIA who would take you through the process of having your boat repaired.

  1. RSA

RSA is another insurance company you will contact in case you need to insure your Yacht.

The insurance cover has the following terms:

  • Cover for boats and yachts with a sum insured above USD 2,000,000
  • Personal liability and third party liability cover.
  • Private and Commercial owned boats and yachts

Yacht Insurance Just For You

Every boat is different and Yacht Insurance from RSA can be customised to suit your needs. Whether you just want to insure the hull of your boat or want to protect your boat and everything in it, our policies can cover you.

Third Party Liability

Accidents sometimes happen. With RSA Yacht Insurance you are covered for third party liability for both passengers on board your boat and other third parties onboard other boats as well.

No Claim Bonus

For every year that you stay claim free with RSA, the company will offer you an annual no claim bonus. This is the extra benefit you receive from the insurance company.


A yacht, at-least to most of us, is a luxury dream come true. Unless of course you are in the Forbes millionaires list! To make sure that you enjoy every minute on your hard earned yacht and the pleasure that it gives you when you go sailing or have a party with your friends, proper Yacht insurance is a must.

To be able to sail around the Dubai Marina or any where in Dubai and the UAE for that matter, at your will and in your yacht, is a great achievement no doubt. We want to make sure that everything stays perfect and you are sufficiently protected against unforeseen risks.

ANIB tailor a best fit yacht insurance policy once they understand your exact requirement and obtain the necessary information to work on. Some cover examples are provided below:

  1. Your yacht, your liabilities as an owner
    2. Personal accident cover for your invitees or guests and yourself
    3. Specified medical expenses as per terms and conditions of the policy

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Yacht Insurance

Owning a yacht can be an expensive hobby, especially when things go wrong. Protect your investment with a comprehensive insurance package from Alliance. Alliance Insurance has more than forty years experience dealing with yacht insurance and only work with the world’s leading reinsurance partners, giving you the best coverage available.

These are basically the most reputable insurance companies in Dubai for Yacht owners who wish to insurance their Yacht