Why You Should Import a Car instead of Buying from a Bazaar



Importing a car is the most ideal decision as opposed to buying from a car bazaar. There are several reasons that support this statement.

Normally, Car Bazaars buy cars from foreign manufacturers in bulk and sell them at retail price. When they import cars, they use popular companies like SBT to import the same. Once they import them, they display them on their car bazaars. This is where customers come to purchase their most preferred cars. But there is a reason you should overlook these car bazaars.

What happens is that the car bazaars incur importing costs. After they import, they add administrative costs and a profit margin, which is usually 10 %-20 % of the price they purchase the cars.Now,if you import a car, say a Japanese used car, the only cost you will incur is the custom clearing cost and importation costs. A car that could cost you $5000 at the car Bazaar will now cost $4500, which is much cheaper.

The only problem of importing a car is that you are not able to physically see it before you buy, you also have to wait for at least 2 weeks to receive your car.