Which is the best web hosting company for electronics and smartphone website?


“I would like to know which is the best web hosting company for electronics and smartphone website. I own a website that receives 10,000 visits per day and I am expecting it to grow to 100,000 visits this year. Please recommend the best company for my website “


Your website can be hosted in several web hosting companies but I will pick the best.

The first thing to do is, ensure you host your website in the U.S where the most stable web hosting companies are located. There are over 2,000 web hosting companies in the U.S but based on your kind of business, here are the best companies for you.


If you want to grow and become a force to reckon with in this industry, Kinsta is the best company to choose as your ideal host.Why do we recommend Knsta?I would explain what happened to my site before I finally decided to host at Kinsta.

In 2015,I managed to start a website with the intention of growing to become a dominant in my niche. But the web hosting company messed me up.Despite working hard,my site was experiencing frequent downtime especially during traffic spikes. From a website that was receiving 30,000 daily visitors the numbers declined to almost 1,000 per day. Visitors ran away in droves as my host frustrated me to the core.

In 2016 I decided to move my website to Kinsta.What surprised me, from a dying website,Venas News grew progressively until today, it’s now receiving over 40,000 daily visitors.

Kinsta has the best servers for growing websites and the heavy traffic sites.The good thing about the hosting company is that their servers are so powerful that can handle up to thousands of concurrent visitors. The customer care is also excellent.

If your website receives 10,000 daily visitors you will be required to select the cheapest plan that costs $100 per month.


Bluehost has also managed to dominate the web hosting industry for Long.The Company has managed to bridge the gap between big websites and small ones by providing a variety of plans for WooCommerce sites, WordPress and Cloud Hosting services.

With as little as $13 you will be able to host your website at Bluehost.But as you host it there remember that there are some nice things you will miss, like automatic scaling and advanced security.

Besides the two, here is a list of other companies to consider:

  • SiteGround
  • WPEngine
  • Namecheap
  • GoDaddy