Where to Hire Limousines for Wedding in Nairobi



I am planning to have a wedding in December and I want to know the best place in Nairobi to hire a limousine.


If you are planning to have a wedding, there are numerous companies in Nairobi that offer limousine services. The limousines come in different prices based on the budget the wedding couple presents. We provide a list of trusted companies to get this service from.

Ngatia Group Executive Cars & Limousines

Ngatia Group Executive Cars& Limousines is the most popular limousine company in Nairobi.The company offers limousine services to couples who have set aside at least Ksh 150,000 for the service.

Executive Limousines & Car Hire Services

Executive Limousines & Car Hire Services (a subsidiary of Executive Holdings Limited) is a fully registered company dedicated to providing distinctive, high quality, professional services at competitive rates.

Executive Limousines & Car Hire Services is a full service ground transportation company and feature a large fleet of new model and old luxury vehicles. As a client, you will receive a commitment and excellence that is second to none, the utmost professional knowledgeable chauffeurs, the luxury vehicles offered, and most competitive rates in Kenya.

If you are planning to hire a limousine from Executive Limousines & Car Hire Services, here are the rates:

Audi Q7 Ksh 30,000 per hour

Hammer H2 Ksh 30,000 per hour

Chrysler stretched limousine Ksh 25,000 per hour.

Stretched Lincoln limousine Ksh 15,000 per hour

Range Rover Limousine Ksh 30,000 per hour