The Process of Changing Names of the Person Who Owns a Vehicle in Uganda-Vehicle Ownership Changes Requirements



If you have sold a car to someone in Uganda and you want to change the names as they appear in the log book, you need to visit Uganda Revenue Authority for this process. But before you visit the offices, there are few things you need to know.

This is a process where a taxpayer changes ownership of a vehicle on the URA web portal. This process involves changing the already registered names for a motor vehicle to another name. This can be as a result of a sale, gift, Court Orders, Police instructions, etc.

URA will notify you about your application status within 2 working days after receiving all the necessary information.

Costs of the Service :

Motor cars and other dual purpose vehicles​ UGX 84,000​
Motor cycles​ UGX 74,000​
Commercial motor vehicles,trailers,tractors or engineering plants​ UGX 104,000​
Transfer of Motor Vehicle Online​ ​ ​ ​ Application forms signed by both parties and stamped if its a company.​ Mandatory​
 Sales Agreement bearing stamp duty Embossment.​ Mandatory​​
Copy of the original Logbook of the vehicle.​ Mandatory​​
Copy of the original identification documents of both parties(seller and buyer)​ Mandatory​​


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Please Note:

  • The transfer of ownership from a private (personal) to another person, number plates should not change.
  • In case a corporation enjoys duty free status, and decides to sell any of their vehicles to a private person, then the duty free status ceases and taxes as mentioned earlier must be paid before transfer.  However, the corporations with duty free status are free to sell to fellow corporations with similar status and maintain the number plate but should inform  Ministry of Finance.
  • For a vehicle whose importer went into agreement with Customs and Head Legal department of URA for part payments, no transfer can be affected without completing the dues. In such a situation, there is usually an agreement duly signed by all concerned parties for the amount to be paid in installments and time period allowed.
  • For vehicles with personalized number plates, the vehicle number plates are not transferable. The vehicle has to be re-registered and given new numbers and Number plates should be surrendered before a transfer is affected.
  • For transfers from a minor, authority from the High Court judge is necessary.
  • Where letters of administration exist, the transfer should first be made to the beneficiary.

Returning Residents

  • These vehicles can be transferred at the expiry of two years. In case it is less than two years, advise the taxpayer to get a clearing agent and pay taxes.
  • For specialized vehicles e.g. refrigerated trucks where the purpose has changed, taxes must be paid.