Secrets Millionaires use to acquire more Wealth



Millionaires use some secrets to acquire more wealth as the poor fail to master the tricks.

When you see a poor man, know that a rich man has taken advantage of his ignorance to accumulate more wealth, but since we are living in the world where the winner takes it all, there is no crime when a man legally steals from another man.

It’s not a surprise that only 10 % of the people in the entire universe control 90 % of our wealth, these are tricks they use.


The rich know that poor people fear risks, taking advantage of the poor’s lack of understanding where to get wealth from, they swim into risk ventures.

A rich man knows understands vividly that a poor guy won’t risk his money into buying shares, because they are a risk venture. Since this wealthy individual has decided to take a risk, he will reap big eventually, leaving a huge gap between him and the poor in regards to net worth.

Use money to get money

Millionaires understand that for you to get money you have to spend too. They spend huge amount of money to buy bonds, shares, unit trusts and invest in real estate. These investments are regarded as gold mine and are the ones every billionaire would advise a poor man to put his money into.

They live below their means

Millionaires understand the risk of overstretching themselves in terms of spending, they therefore live below their means, so as to have enough to invest.

Taking huge loans

There is no millionaire on earth who survives without loans. Since these people have invested enough, they use their assets to secure loans. These loans help them expand empires.

The problem with poor men is, they have invested little for them to secure enough loans to advance their business interests.

They develop connections

Millionaires often develop connections with politicians, other entrepreneurs and talented individuals. They know without connections, little can be achieved.

They sleep less hours

Millionaires, world over, sleep less than 8 hours…this is what separates them from the poor. People like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg spend less than 7 hours in bed and more than 12 hours in office. This is a policy poor people have failed to adopt.

Patience and strategy

Rich men are very patient, they know the power of waiting-which is why they invest in long term securities like Bonds, forwards, futures and shares. They also employ strategies when they invest their resources. The poor rarely employ strategy, they copy from others.