Oman Insurance Company Workplace Savings & Retirement Plan



Oman Insurance Company offers Workplace Savings & Retirement Plan, a pension policy for employers working in various companies in Oman.

The policy is especially ideal for people with stable jobs, who expect to have good retirement package from an insurance company.

Why you should have Workplace Savings & Retirement Plan

You might find yourself jobless and unable to work after age 50.At this age you don’t have energy to wake up and look your daily bread. This is the time you need to earn from your pension contributions. Luckily, Oman Insurance Company is here to help you.

Some of the benefits of signing up with Oman Insurance Company include:

  • A fully integrated savings and retirement solution for employers and their employees
  • Online administration with secure access to world-class investments
  • Tailored solution
  • Easy administration and state of the art web-enabled platform
  • Fair, transparent and simple fee structure
  • Valuable employee benefit & retention tool

How to join this plan

Follow these easy steps to enroll in your company Workplace Savings & Retirement Plan:

  1. Complete your Investment Risk Assessment Questionnaire
  2. Complete, sign and date the Enrolment Form
  3. Submit the following documents to your Plan Administrator:
  • Enrolment Form
  • Investment Risk Profile Questionnaire
  • Copy of your Emirates ID
  • Copy of your Passport details (applicable only for expats)
  • Copy of your valid Visa page (applicable only for expats)
  • Any recent (last 60 days) original utility bill (e.g. phone, electricity) confirming your name and address

In case of any question, please contact you company Plan Administrator.

Benefits of the Plan

The Plan is a cost effective savings and retirement plan that provides you with a convenient way to accumulate and grow your financial assets until you retire.  The key benefits are:

  • Access to diverse global investment funds
  • Flexible contribution levels and risk profile based investment options
  • Full portability with change of employer / country of residence
  • Online access to portfolio
  • Additional member voluntary contributions at no additional cost
  • No imposed plan maturity date
  • Institutional pricing benefits
  • Self-select option for sophisticated investors

As an employee, this is definitely a policy to take, whether your salary is little or not.