Oman Insurance Company Life Insurance Cover for Critical Illness-Life Plus Cover



Chronic illness and unemployment are some of the worst scenarios in one’s life.But Oman Insurance Company offers Life Plus Policy which caters for critical illness and chronic diseases like Cancer and HIV.

About Life plus Insurance Cover By Oman Insurance Company

The company’s Stand Alone Critical illness product covers 40 major illness. Falling ill and losing one’s financial security is a frightening thought for anyone. The Lifeplus plan gives you the much needed peace of mind and coverage to protect your family, your lifestyle and help you recover from a serious illness or condition.

Key Benefits of the Life Plus Policy

  • Single Payment Plan: Coverage for 5 years
  • Regular Payment Plan: Coverage up to age 65

Coverage and Exclusions

  • There is a waiting period of 90 days
  • Survival Period: Disease Specific


Minimum SA Allowed:

  • Regular pay: USD 25,000 or AED 91,875
  • Single Pay: USD 50,000 or AED 183,750

Maximum SA Allowed:

  • USD 250,000 or AED 918,750 for all variants

Terms and Conditions

Premium rates are age banded and guaranteed for 5 years only.

If you have a chronic illness, Life Plus Policy is the one to take at Oman Insurance Company. It will cost you up to AED 918,750 but benefits are immense.