Oman Insurance Company Aviation Insurance Cover



Oman Insurance Company is the best insurance in Oman for aviation cover.The company offers attractive package for companies and individuals who wish to insure their aircraft and passengers.

Oman Insurance Company Aviation Insurance overview


Among all other Regions of the World, the Middle East has been the hub of Aviation activity and growth for the last few years. Early enough Oman Insurance Company appropriately recognized the need to cater to the requirements of the Operators in safeguarding their Aviation exposures not only in the region but also beyond. It was with this objective that the Company set up an independent Aviation department, which has grown in size and capabilities with the focus always on “Customer satisfaction”.


Under General Aviation we cater to all requirements related to GA operations, and to name a few,

  1. Aircraft Hull and Liability
  2. Hangarkeepers and Premises Liability
  3. Crew Personal Accident
  4. Crew Loss of License
  5. Balloons


Under Airline facility we participate as Reinsurers, to name a few, in respect of

  1. Airline Fleet – Hull and Liability both for Passenger and Cargo operations.
  2. Airport Operator’s Liability.
  3. Product Liability.
  4. Airside Liability.
  5. ATC Liability.


Oman Insurance is a rated company and underwrites Aviation business on the basis of reinsurance facilities led by Major Reinsurance players of the world. Although headquartered in Dubai, Oman Insurance is today a proud participant on major Airline risks placements worldwide and across continents, alongside securities from Lloyd’s and other international market.