List of Subaru Cars in Kenya


List of Subaru Cars in Kenya

Subaru cars belong to middle class population. The cost of these cars range between Ksh 700,000 to Ksh 3 million. They are sporty and mostly used during weekends and for long distance travel.

Subaru cars are categorized into fuel efficient and guzzlers; depending on what type of Subaru you own, you will be required to adjust your budget for fuel.

In Kenya, these are the Subaru models available:

  1. Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback is the most preferred Subaru car in Kenya. The car costs Ksh 1 million to Ksh 2 million and has specious interior and adjustable seats. The car has highest level of comfort and speed of its kind.

  1. Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester is a bit old in Kenya but it’s still among many people’s number choice. A forester can be driven to work or to upcountry.

  1. Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza is a fuel efficient car and it dominates other Subaru models in terms of numbers. The fact that it consumes low fuel makes it a darling to many car owners, who are unwilling to overstretch their budget over fuel.

  1. Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy are not expected to fade from the Kenyan roads any time soon. More than 100 of this make find itself into the country every month, explaining why we shouldn’t overlook a Subaru Legacy.

Subaru Exiga

Subaru Exiga are not so common in Kenya but are ideal for middle class population.The cars cost Ksh 700,000 to Ksh 1,2 million.