List of Mercedes Benz in Kenya


List of Mercedes Benz in Kenya

Mercedes Benz are among the most elegant cars in Kenya. There are many types of Mercedes Benz in Kenya, from those driven by VIPs to those in possession of ordinary Kenyans.

In Kenya,Mercedes Benz cost as high as Ksh 30 million and as low as Ksh 600,000.The most expensive Mercedes Benz include Mercedes Benz S 600,bullet proof and the armoured ones.

If you are planning to buy a Benz, here is a list of all available Mercedes Benz cars in Kenya

  1. Mercedes C180
  2. Mercedes C200
  3. Mercedes C220
  4. Mercedes C230
  5. Mercedes C240
  6. Mercedes C250
  7. Mercedes C280
  8. Mercedes C300
  9. Mercedes C350
  10. Mercedes 200E
  11. Mercedes 220E
  12. Mercedes 240E
  13. Mercedes 250E
  14. Mercedes 280E
  15. Mercedes 300E
  16. Mercedes 320E
  17. Mercedes 350E
  18. Mercedes 500E
  19. Mercedes E63
  20. Mercedes ML280
  21. Mercedes ML320
  22. Mercedes S350
  23. Mercedes S550
  24. Mercedes S500
  25. Mercedes S600