Liberty Life Retirement Annuity



Liberty Life Retirement Annuity is one of the best policies for  south African employees who would want to retire gracefully.

Retirement Annuity] Plan allows you to save for your retirement or to supplement your existing retirement plan.

It provides you access to world-class investment management and portfolios that have been constructed to meet the needs of long-term investors.

The Liberty Retirement Annuity Plan is for investors who want to create wealth for a secure retirement.

Amount you are required to invest

Liberty Life allows you to save as little as R12 500.You can also save as much as R50,000 for about 30 years and earn a lump sum amount totaling in excess of R 50 million.

Investment portfolios

Select up to seven professionally managed investment portfolios with optional performance guarantees in accordance with an individually identified risk profile.

Additional amounts

There is an option to inject additional amounts at any time during the term of the investment. Payments will be allocated to your elected portfolios using the elected allocation percentages.

The importance of topping up is that you will be able to earn thousands of additional amounts when your savings mature. The good thing, you don’t feel the impact of adding more amount to your portfolio because the amount is so small that it affects your pay slip.

Your money is safe from most creditors

Legislation only allows certain withdrawals prior to retirement, such as payment in terms of a divorce or maintenance order.


​There are product and portfolio management fees, guarantee fees, where applicable, and advisory fees payable, based on agreements with your financial adviser.

This implies that your earnings will be subject to tax and other fees as agreed with the insurance company. But I will promise you that the fees is not much, it can’t affect your earnings much.