Liberty Life Evolve retirement annuity plan



Liberty Life has attractive retirement plan, Evolve Retirement Annuity, for people who would want to earn huge sums of money after retirement.

The Evolve [Retirement Annuity] Plan allows you to provide for your retirement or to supplement your existing retirement plan.

Liberty Evolve Retirement Annuity Plan doesn’t charge set-up costs or initial advice fees until we earn you more than 14% per annum. This means that your money will not be subjected to any costs. If you plan to save R50 000,the company will ensure you start earning at least 14 % per annum before they start charging administrative costs, impressive!

How long shall you wait before accessing your money?

Since retirement age in south Africa is from 55 years, you will start accessing your money from that age…before that, you are only required to check the amount, confirm and wait until you retire.

How much do I need to invest in Liberty Life Evolve retirement annuity plan

Invest from R150 000 once off or R100 000 with recurring investments of R400 or more per month.

Most people prefer to invest R400 every month than to pay R150 000 in lump sum. The reason is because when they invest small amounts each month, they don’t feel the impact on the pay slip.


Pay-on-delivery investing

Liberty Life guarantees interest on your savings. The company promises that if your annuities does not earn interest, they won’t charge you setting up costs, instead they will allow you to continue saving until that time when your annuities start earning reasonable amount.

The company says, from experience, that your money  takes less than three years to start making profits. This is because of the various profitable investments the company invests money in.

Now your choice is simple

Would you prefer more than one investment manager looking after your money? Let Liberty Multi-Manager Invest your money with different investment managers for you at no additional cost.

Your money is safe from most creditors

Legislation only allows certain withdrawals prior to retirement (minimum of 55 years), such as payment in terms of a divorce or maintenance order.


There is a platform fee, portfolio fee, guarantee fees (if applicable) and on-going advice fees. Each fee is levied each year as a percentage of your investment.