Liberty Life Agile Retirement Annuity




Agile Retirement Annuity is so far the best retirement scheme offered by Liberty life.

The Agile [Retirement Annuity] gives you access to the Exact income fund, a unique fund that guarantees income at retirement – no matter what the markets do.  In addition, you will also have the ability to invest a portion of your investment in multiple portfolios according to your retirement needs.

Agile Retirement Annuity is a tax- effective retirement investment which is designed primarily for individuals who want to save additional amounts for retirement, outside of any pension or provident funds that they may participate in.

Agile Retirement Annuity will allow you to split your money between the Exact Income Fund and various other investment portfolios depending on the level of certainty or growth you are looking for.

When do I start getting the benefits?

Agile Retirement Annuity is like a pension scheme, where you will start accessing your retirement benefits at the age of 55.This is the official retirement age in South Africa.


Exact Income Fund

The Exact Income Fund is a one-of-a-kind portfolio that guarantees exactly what your retirement income will be from the moment you invest.  Each time you contribute to the fund, you purchase more guaranteed regular monthly income.

Now your choice is simple

You have the choice of choosing various other investment portfolios from 15 of the top asset management companies in the country.


Invest through regular debit orders, lump sum investments or a combination of the two. You can even stop and re-start your investments at any time at no additional cost.

Your money is safe from most creditors

Legislation only allows certain withdrawals prior to retirement (minimum of 55 years), such as payment in terms of a divorce or maintenance order.

Fees |

Invest from R15 000 lump sum or with recurring investments of at least R1 000 or more per month.


The Exact Income Fund has no platform or portfolio fees. However, your investment in other portfolios will charge a platform fee of 0.3% per annum and the applicable portfolio management fee.


Among all the annuity options offered by Liberty Life, Agile Retirement Annuity is the best because it allows you to earn attractive amount even if the company is performing dismally in terms of profits.

Since you are required to invest at least R1000 per month, chances of earning good money after retirement are extremely high