Law on Separation, Divorce and Annulment in Philippines



Philippines is one of the few countries in the world that don’t allow divorce to occur among couples, but they do allow for separation and annulment in case of certain outlined reasons.

If you marry an individual you believe is not your type, there is no way any court in Philippines would allow you to divorce, instead you will be allowed to separate with your spouse.

For you to separate, the following should first occur:

  1. If one spouse is sentenced to jail for more than five years
  2. If he physically abuses her or a child in the household
  3. If he attempts to marry another person
  4. if one spouse has a drug or alcohol problem
  5. If one of the spouses is homosexual
  6. Adultery or aggressive attempts by one spouse to get the other spouse to change religions
  7. Adopt political views or prostitute herself or a child in the home
  8. If one spouse leaves the other spouse without having a reason held as valid by the court, the abandoned spouse can file for separation after a year has passed

These are grounds in which separation is permitted. But for you to be allowed for separation, you must file for the same within five years of the qualifying event.

Grounds for annulment of marriage in Philippines

  1. Annulment can be allowed in Philippines, and it will occur if:
  2. One spouse wasn’t mentally sound at the time of the marriage or was forced into it
  3. There was evidence of fraud on behalf of either spouse when agreeing to marry
  4. There was a discovery of an incurable sexually transmitted disease or permanent impotence
  5. Either spouse was over 18, but not yet 21, and got married without parental consent, the marriage can be annulled if the parties no longer lived together as husband and wife once the spouse turned 21.

You realize that marriage for under 18 is prohibited, and in case it occurs the court will dismiss it.Divorce is also not allowed in this country, meaning that once you marry your partber,you will either separate or be forced to live with him/her forever.