Kuwait Indices in the Stock Market



These are the main indices in Kuwait Stock Market

Market Indices

reflect all the securities listed at Boursa Kuwait and therefore reflect the overall performance of the market. Boursa Kuwait provides two market indices: Price Weighted Index and Market-Capitalisation Weighted Index. The indices are calculated in real-time.

New Listing or Relisting

New listings and shares of companies which have resumed trading after being suspended for 90 days or more shall be included in the indices the day after the date of listing or the date of resuming trading.
New listings shall be assigned an industry classification before inclusion in the Index.

Industry Sector indices

Boursa Kuwait operates 30 sector indices. Sectors are classified according to the International Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB).

Boursa Kuwait’s current industry sector indices are:

Index ID Index name
30 OIL & GAS – Market Cap Weighted
31 BASIC MATERIALS – Market Cap Weighted
32 INDUSTRIALS – Market Cap Weighted
33 CONSUMER GOODS – Market Cap Weighted
34 HEALTH CARE – Market Cap Weighted
35 CONSUMER SERVICES – Market Cap Weighted
36 TELECOMMUNICATIONS – Market Cap Weighted
37 UTILITIES – Market Cap Weighted
38 BANKS – Market Cap Weighted
39 INSURANCE – Market Cap Weighted
40 REAL ESTATE – Market Cap Weighted
41 FINANCIAL SERVICES – Market Cap Weighted
42 INVESTMENT INSTRUMENTS  – Market Cap Weighted
43 TECHNOLOGY  – Market Cap Weighted
60 OIL & GAS – Price Weighted
61 BASIC MATERIALS – Price Weighted
62 INDUSTRIALS – Price Weighted
63 CONSUMER GOODS – Price Weighted
64 HEALTH CARE – Price Weighted
65 CONSUMER SERVICES – Price Weighted
67 UTILITIES – Price Weighted
68 BANKS – Price Weighted
69 INSURANCE – Price Weighted
70 REAL ESTATE – Price Weighted
71 FINANCIAL SERVICES – Price Weighted
73 TECHNOLOGY – Price Weighted
90 PARALLEL MARKET – Market Cap Weighted
91 PARALLEL MARKET – Price Weighted

KUWAIT Index 15(KSX15)

The Kuwait Index 15 (KSX 15) is Boursa Kuwait’s ‘Flagship Index’ and represents the 15 top Kuwaiti listed companies, ranked by market capitalization and liquidity.

Membership Review
Membership of the index is reviewed every six months after Index close on the last trading day of May and November. Changes are implemented after Index close on the third Thursday in June and December.