KCB Bank Car Loan



KCB Bank has car loan facility which is specifically for customers. If you have an account with KCB Bank, you will qualify for a loan of up to 80% of the cost of a car.

The loans finance tractors, small cars, heavy earth movers and any type of a vehicle you wish to buy.

Terms of the loan are as indicated below.

Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Trucks, Trailers, Pick-Ups and other Commercial Vehicles

  • New Vehicles – 90% finance for maximum 60 months.
  • Used Vehicles – 80% finance for maximum 48 months.
  • New trailers but with P/Mover as collateral at 80% loan of 60 months.

Machinery, Tractors, Heavy Earth Moving Equipments’ & Specilized Equipment

  • New machines and equipment 80% financing for maximum of 60 months.
  • Tractors – maximum 50% finance for 24 months any additional finance be covered by additional collateral.
  • Specialized machines – maximum 50% finance for maximum 36 months.
  • IT and Computer Equipment at 70% for 36 months.
  • Heavy earth moving equipment’s for a maximum 80% finance
  • Moratorium period for machines is allowed to facilitate installation and testing.

KCB ‘’Car Loan’’

  • 90 % financed for new vehicles and 80% financed for the used vehicles
  • Maximum loan period 5years new vehicles and 4years for Used vehicle