Is Susan Kihika Worth Ksh 800 million. See Her Net Worth



Susan Kihika’s well-oiled campaigned has scared her opponents. Her net worth still remains a mystery but according to close associates, the daughter to former powerful politician, Kihika Kimani,has several men who finance her lifestyle and campaigns.

Her campaign is being funded by the wealthy businessman called Kiongozi, whose real name is Mburu.The tycoon has a budget of Ksh500 million for Susan’s campaigns-she has already spent over Ksh50 million.

Susan, who is loved by majority of Nakuru residents, is expected to clinch the Senatorial seat, thanks to her excellent communication skills. The lady swears that money is not a problem, she can spend up to Ksh 1 billion without even blinking.

To surprise you, Susan’s account contain less than Ksh 300 million, prompting several leaders to wonder where she gets money from. It is said in total she has earned Ksh 70 million in salaries as the County Speaker. Before then, Susan was an average Kenyan, who was spending less than Ksh100,000 per month.

Susan finances her campaigns through friends and sponsors. All the billboards bearing Susan’s campaign posters are courtesy of a sponsor—Mr Mburu.