Investment Management Certificate (IMC) Entry requirements


Investment Management Certificate (IMC) Entry requirements

The Investment Management Certificate (IMC) has no set entry requirements. However, it’s recommended you consider taking the one-day Introduction to Financial Maths course if you are at all concerned about the mathematical content or using the Casio Scientific calculator.

Introduction to Financial Maths

Refresh your mathematical skills in this one-day course and you’ll be able to get even more out of your IMC training. Tutors guide you step-by-step through the mathematical element of the IMC Unit Two syllabus and give you the opportunity to practice questions. Topics include:

  • Equations and algebraic operations
  • Location and Dispersion (means, medians and mode)
  • Discounted cash flows (basic discounting and compounding, annuities, perpetuities, mortgage repayments)
  • Standard Deviation
  • Security Valuation
  • Bond Valuation and Return Measures
  • Return Measures
  • NPV and IRR
  • You will also receive online access with introductory maths modules and full class recordings

The most ideal people to do the course are those with a degree in Finance, Accounting, Actuarial Science, Statistics, Economics, and Finance.