I earn $ 3,000,which car should I own in USA?



I work as a Financial Accountant, my monthly salary is $3,000.I want to know the best car I should own in USA


Thanks for the question.First,I should advise you to hold the thought of owning a car before you acquire one.This is the reason I am against buying a car at this time, unless your salary rises to at least $4,000.

In the U.S, house rent ranges between $300-$500, meaning out of the $3, 000, you will remain with only $2,500 to spend.You will spend at least 1,000 to pay other bill and another $500 for shopping and food.This means at the end of the day you will have $500 in your bank account.

If you buy a car, it means you will spend the $500 on fuel. At the end of the month, you will have nothing remaining for savings.

As a human being, you would like to see yourself developing in terms of your financial security. If you have many depreciating assets,like cars,phones and clothes,it means you are putting your future into a risk.

But if it means you have to own a car,go for a cheap one with low engine capacity. Buy a car that consumes not more than 5 liters a day when driven within the town.If you buy one,it means you will spend between $5-$20 per day,which is not bad. But one problem you will face is the cost associated with cleaning the car, taking it for service, and replacing fault engine parts.

Some of the lowest fuel consuming cars in the U.S are Toyota and Mazda cars.