I am a government Teacher, I resigned before retirement age, can I earn my pension?



“I am a government teacher. I resigned from my duty this year to go for politics. I had remained with 2 months to retire and wondering whether I can benefit from my pension.

I understand retirement age is 55 but due to pressure from my supporters, I made the decision to resign so as to concentrate on politics. Now I have lost the seat, I am jobless and broke. Please advise me.


This scenario has faced several people all around the world; you are among thousands of teachers who have asked this question.

The problem is that the law requires that you make your pension contributions until age 55, that’s when you are allowed to access your contributions. It’s hard before then to claim your pension.However,there are many insurance companies that can help you pay the contributions until age 55,when you are required to retire. This is one option to take. Simply approach an insurance company in the U.S, Canada, Australia,U.K or wherever you are and negotiate with them. Allow them to negotiate with the government so as to allow them pay for you until retirement age. In some cases, the government refuses to enter into agreement with an insurance company while other governments have no problem with this.

The second option is to take back your job. You can re-apply for a job and if you are lucky, you will continue contributing to your pension until retirement age.

The last one is to give up on your pension, which is painful.