How to write a viral blog post



If you have never written a viral blog post then you are not a blogger. We are going to show you tricks of writing at least one viral blog post, but before that let’s see the definition of a viral article in a layman’s language.

Imagine you write a single blog post and it receives 100,000 views the first day it is published or at least 50,000 views, all from search engine-this is what we call a viral blog post. Normally, an article for medium blogs receives 200-5,000 views per day; for big websites, a blog post can receive up to 30,000 views from search engine—you can check Forbes or Business Insider websites to see how many views their articles receive.

A viral website must have at least 1 viral article each week, and if that’s not the case, it should have more than 1,000 articles receiving more than 100 views each. To have such a blog, you must do the following:


Most viral blog posts contain some element of humour. When an article contains some humour people tend to share it more than the less entertaining articles.

Breaking news

If your website focuses on breaking news, there are chances many of your posts will go viral. But remember for you to maintain the pace and continue receiving huge amount of traffic your site must provide credible and verified news. It should also be among, if not the first, to break the news.


Celebrity niches are among the highest ranked websites in terms of the number of visits: per day, a single website can receive up to 10 million views. If you have a website like TMZ, then be sure you will make it .

Controversial stories

If your website is regarded as controversial or writes about controversial events, it will definitely receive attention from millions of people worldwide.

To have a controversial website, you have to be prepared to be sued millions of times.

Examples of controversial websites include Wikileaks and pirate bay.

Unique articles

Content is king and if you manage to write unique articles you will attract attention.