How To Start Chicken Farming Business in South Africa



Chicken Farming is one of the most profitable businesses in South Africa. Most entrepreneurs, however, are on cross roads in regards to capital required and the procedure required for starting chicken farming. This article will take you through all the requirements of this business, so as to make it easy for you to set up the venture.

Capital for Starting Chicken business

Before you imagine of rearing chicken for sale, you should consider the amount of capital your require, space and labour.Research show that broilers are the most profitable types of chicken to rear, therefore Ideal to start with.

For small farmers, you need R 50,000 for at least 300 chickens. For more ambitious farmers, you require a capital of at least R 200,000.

The next thing after starting this business is where to source your chicken from. Some of the best places to source your chicken include Nkoko Chicken Houses, Chickens & Poultry – Seda and Nqabayensimbi Poultry Co-op.

The next thing to consider is labour and space. For 300 broilers you need a house of at least 20 by 20 in size. This house should be supplied with electricity, water and food for the chicken and must have enough ventilation.

About labour, you only require a single person to do the job.

Market for Chicken

Chicken farming has ready market in South Africa, but as a farmer you should have reliable customers, who always buy your chicken even when oversupply is experienced. The best places to sell your chicken include hotels, butcheries and pubs.


If you spend R 50, 000 as capital, expect to earn between R 5,000 to R 15,000 within 5 weeks.


The worst challenge you can get in this business is diseases. Since chicken is a delicate business, you have to regularly monitor them for diseases.Also,chicken feeds and food is not as cheap as you thought…out of R 50,000 you set aside for capital, food will consume almost half of this amount.