How to Sign Up for Envato Affiliate Program


How do you sign up for Envato Affiliate program?

Envato Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers and website owners. To sign up, you need to follow the following basic procedure.

If you refer a new user who signs up and, makes a purchase or cash deposit on any of the Envato Market sites, you will receive 30% of their initial spend.

For Example: If they deposit $20 into their account you will receive $6 or, if they buy an item costing $100, you will receive $30.

Getting Specific

  • Envato uses cookies to track users who have clicked on your link, so they must have cookies enabled.
  • If a user clears their cookies, they will no longer be tracked.
  • If a user clicks on your referral link and then later, they click another, the cut will still be yours.
  • Once a user clicks a link, they have 3 months to sign up before the cookie expires.
  • Earnings from the affiliate program appear in your Envato Market account just like item sales. Find out more about how to withdraw your earnings
  • Linking from Envato Market back to itself in order to gain referrals is not allowed. This includes bouncing links off other domains.
  • If a user has visited the Envato Market before and then clicks a referral link, it does not count.
  • The referral program is subject to a fair usage policy which, gives Envato the right to review all referrals.


  • Use your own site or social media profile to feature an item using your referral link. Think widgets, tweets, posts or sidebars.
  • Create a blog in relation to the area you are marketing and attach your links.

Do Not:

  • Buy Envato trademark keywords on Google AdWords.
  • Purchase a domain name, search engine or pay per click advertisement that uses mis-spellings or Envato trademarks.

How To Generate Your Referral Links

Every Envato Market user is automatically assigned a referral code at sign up.

If you are signed into your account you can enter your Envato Market username into the form and your referral code is generated for you. You can find the form here

  • Paste your referral link on your blog or social media site etc.
  • You can find referral banners here for each of the Envato Market sites.
  • You can also create a referral link by adding the code ?ref=username (and substituting your username) to any of our links.
  1. Would take you directly to themeforest or to a specific item.

Please Note: If you want to create a URL out of a search (and the URL already has a ? character in it) you would instead need to add &ref=username instead.

E.g becomes

If you adding a referral code to a preview please ensure that you are using the correct link address.

E.g. This: is the correct link to add ?ref=username to.

You cannot add it to this:

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Envato has numerous themes that most website owners purchase. Once you sign up,you will definitely get the opportunity to earn from each successful purchase a customer makes through your referral.