How to save fuel in your car



How can I save fuel in my car? This question is common among car owners, who are stretched beyond limits in regards to spending on fuel . It’s quite common that millions of car owners waste a lot of fuel while driving and when the car is not moving, the fuel can be saved through implementing the following tips.

I was among many people who were fond of making small mistakes that eventually resulted to increase in spending on fuel. The moment I realized I could cut the costs to possible minimum, I did this.

I started closing the windows of my car

Many car owners may not be aware of this, that when the car is moving at a high speed especially against the wind, the speed causes what we call aerodynamics, that  drag the car. In order for the car to move at its target speed, more fuel must be consumed.

When you accelerate beyond 60k/h, it’s advisable that you close all or most of your windows so as to reduce fuel consumption.

I reduced unnecessary trips

Another practical way of saving fuel in your car is to avoid unnecessary trips. It’s common to see a human being driving a car within town, from one corner to the other in search of lunch, surprisingly, it’s a walking distance. Unless you hold a senior position where you will be embarrassed if you walk around, there is no point of driving when you can walk.

Sometimes you may not find it necessary to drive to work, especially when traffic jam is heavy. It’s better to leave your car at home and use public transport or a train. This way, you will save time and fuel.

Not carrying many people and weight in my car

Another action I took was to avoid carrying many people and weight in my car.

In most cases, people carry heavy weight in the boot, several people in the car and lots of luggage inside the car-these are the things that contribute to increase in fuel consumption. If your pocket is a bit squeezed it’s better to avoid carrying people in your car and as much as possible avoid carrying heavy luggage.

Accelerate smoothly

Another thing I did was to start accelerating smoothly. To succeed in this, I started becoming patient especially when my car was in constant speed. In case I had to overtake, I ensured if the speed was 50mph,I accelerated smoothly until I overtook the car in front of me.You see, the issue of accelerating from, say 50mph to 80 mph over a short distance leads to more fuel consumption because the car engine requires more fuel for it to sustain the speed.

I ensured the tyre pressure was always high

Another trick I did was to ensure my car’s tyre pressure was always high.I knew if the pressure was low, the car would demand more fuel for it to move since the tyres became heavy.

It’s recommended that you check the pressure every day to ensure it’s always high.

Turn the air-conditioning off

I always turned the air conditioning off and magic happened. I realized when the air conditioning was on, it consumed some fuel, which contributed to the bill I paid for my fuel. I ensured that it was off whenever I never needed it.

I took my car for service

Another thing I did was to ensure the engine was in good condition by taking the car to the service at least thrice in every six months. I knew a fault engine would result to more fuel consumption.

I removed the roof rack

Roof racks are common among cars like Subaru, Toyota Fielder etc. Having a roof rack is like having another car on top of your car. The rack has some weight and often causes drag, which results to more fuel consumption.

The last thing I did was to avoid pushing the accelerator sown too far.