How To Renew Driving License In Kenya Online Via eCitizen Portal



You can renew your driving license online through eCitizen, which is a government portal for essential services.

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is mandated with the issuance and renewal of driving licenses in Kenya.eCitizen has integrated NTSA services on their online portal which allows Kenyans to renew their driving licenses.

As you are aware, you have the option of travelling all the way to NTSA offices in Nairobi, but since eCitizen is available, you simply log on to eCitizen website, register as a member and apply for license renewal.

Apart from license renewal, individuals can access the following NTSA services through eCitizen:

  1. Motor vehicle registration
  2. Transport licensing
  3. Motor vehicle inspection
  4. Maintaining road safety
  5. Carrying out driver testing
  6. Basic traffic law enhancement

To renew your license,click here