How to Know The Car You are Buying in Kenya is Stolen



There many ways to know whether the car you are about to buy is stolen. Stolen cars are normally the cheap ones, especially Toyota brands. This is because the cars are easily disposable and can be dismantled into spare parts.

Common car theft in Kenya occur among these cars:

  1. Toyota Axio
  2. Toyota Vitz
  3. Toyota Allion
  4. Mazda Demio
  5. Subaru Legacy
  6. Toyota Probox
  7. Toyota IST
  8. Nissan Note
  9. Toyota Fielder
  10. Subaru Outback

If you own any of these cars, you should be extremely cautious. The least number of cases are reported among high end cars like Range Rover, Mercedes Benz and BMW,which are not easily disposable.

Now, before you decide to buy a used car, here are things to check.

  1. Check whether the car is registered with KRA

KRA has a list of all registered cars in Kenya. The only justice you can do to yourself is to check whether the particular car you are about to buy is registered. I the umber plates don’t rhyme with Engine serial number and log book details, don’t buy that car.

  1. Ask for the log book

Another step to take is to ask for the log book, cross check it against details at the KRA.If they match what you see, then go ahead to make a transaction.

  1. Check engine and chassis numbers

Another step you should take, I suggest the first step, is to check the engine and chassis numbers. The serial number in the chassis should be similar to the number in the engine.

Another last option is to check whether there is any reported case of theft. You can confirm from the police and in the media.