How to change Your Name on Kenyan National ID Card or Academic Certificates



Many Kenyans would want to change their names as they appear on the ID Cards or Academic Certificates. Sometimes it’s due to marriage reasons, migration to another country or due to family conflicts.Fortunately, this process is possible and this is how it occurs.

Under the Registration of Documents Act, the following procedure must be undertaken to effect a name change.

Complete a deed poll prescribed as Form 1 of the Regulations to the Act;

Make an application for registration which is prescribed as Form A in the Registration of Documents (Forms) Regulations;

The Deed Poll is accompanied by a birth certificate of the applicant.

The application is also accompanied by a statutory declaration prescribed under the Act (Form 6). This declaration is sworn by a person resident in Kenya and who personally knows the applicant by the name they want to change.

The documents are presented to the Registrar of Documents for registration. There are only two of these registries. There is one in Nairobi which serves the whole of Kenya except the Coast Province, and another one is in Mombasa which serves Coast Province only.

Upon registration, the registrar causes the deed poll to be advertised in the Kenya Gazette. Name change is effected at this point.

Sometimes, after name change has been effected under the procedure above, the person feels the need to reflect the change in their identity card. Under the Registration of Persons Act, the process of changing the name in your identity card is as follows:

Fill the form prescribed in the fifth schedule of the rules to the Act and present it to the Registration Officer. This form gives the particulars of the change.

Be in possession of a combination of any of the following documents depending on the type of name change;

Marriage Certificate

Deed Poll

School leaving Certificates

Sworn affidavits

Confirmation letters from administrative office

Birth Certificate

Copy of parents ID card.

Surrender the current identity card and pay a fee of Kshs. 1000/=.

The registration officer signs a certificate in a form prescribed in the Fourth schedule to be issued to the applicant;

The applicant’s photo is taken for the purpose of enabling a new identity card to be issued to him.

The Registration officer forwards the application form, the photograph and the surrendered identity card to the Principal Registrar who records the changes in the register of persons; and cancels the surrendered I.D. card.

After the expiration of sixty days from the issue of the certificate by the registration officer, the applicant appears before the registration officer at the registration office specified in the third column of the certificate, and surrenders the certificate in exchange for a new identity card.

You will also need to change the names on your academic certificates so as to reflect the names on the Identity Card.To do this, you have to present your certificates to the Ministry Education alongside your new Identity Card.The ministry will then look into your case and determine whether to grant you the wish or dismiss it based on the evidence you present.