How To Apply for a Kenyan VISA through E-Citizen



E-Citizen is a government online portal where you are allowed to apply for a Kenyan VISA without visiting Kenyan embassy.

All foreign citizens wishing to travel to Kenya will need an evisa, except citizens from countries who are exempt. Click HERE for a list of exempted countries.

Who needs to obtain an e-visa?

The e-visa is only available to passport holders from 148 evisa eligible countries. Click HERE for a list of eligible nationalities.

What types of visas are available for those visiting the Republic of Kenya?

There are three e-visa types for people traveling to the Republic of Kenya temporarily.

Single Entry visa

Issued for single entry to persons whose nationalities require a visa to enter Kenya either for business, tourism or medical reasons.

Transit visa

Issued to persons connecting through Kenya to other destinations for a period not exceeding 72 hours. Those connecting flights directly without leaving the airport dont need to apply for Transit visas.

Courtesy visa

Issued to Diplomatic, Official and Service passport holders coming into the country on official duties, or transiting through Kenya to a third country for official business or duties. It is also issued to government officials and dignitaries on official duties but holding ordinary passports. It is issued free of charge / gratis.

How much is the e-visa?

Courtesy visa No Charge.

Transit visa USD $21.

Single entry visa USD $51.

Who DOES NOT qualify to apply for an evisa?

If you are a passport holder of the CATEGORY THREE COUNTRIES, you will be required to submit a paper based application for a visa to the Department of Immigration services.

  1. How long does it take to get an e-Visa for Kenya?

The processing time is 2 business days.

What should I do after I apply for my e-Visa?

Once the it is approved, the evisa will be made available to your evisa account. You must print a copy to carry with your passport and bring it along when you travel to Kenya. When you arrive in Kenya, you must have your evisa printout with your passport.

When will my eVisa expire?

An evisa to Kenya once issued is valid for 3 months before you travel. Once you present yourself to immigration control at the port of entry, you may be issued with a stay period not exceeding 90 days, which may be renewed for a further 90 days at the immigration headquarters. The maximum number of days a visitor may stay in Kenya is 6 months.

If my e-Visa application is denied by the Kenyan government will my fees be refunded?

No, once the application has been submitted to the Kenyan government, the e-Visa application fees are non-refundable.

I have already visited Kenya one time using my single entry visa, do I need to apply for another e-Visa?

Yes, when your visa is used or expired you need to apply for another visa in order to travel to Kenya again.

Can i extend my stay in Kenya?

After the initial days allocated by the immigration control at the port of entry have elapsed, you renew your visa at the immigration headquarters in Nairobi. The maximum number of days a visitor may stay in Kenya is 6 months.

If I cancel my online order will my fees be refunded?

Once the application is in process, the e-Visa application fees are non-refundable.

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