How much should I earn in Tanzania for me to buy a car



For you to buy a car in Tanzania, you have to earn modest salary so as to be able to afford fuel and car service.

As of today, less than 30 % of people in Uganda own personal cars. This number is set to increase as disposable income rises steadily over time. If you are planning to become one of the car owners, you must have income of at least Tsh 1 million but if your salary is between Tsh 500,000 to Tsh 800, 00, you can afford a car but you won’t feel the comfort of owning it as it would consume most of your income.

Owning a car in Tanzania is not hard but maintaining it is the main issue. If you are earning, say Tsh 500,000 per month, it means after paying bills, you will remain with approximately Tsh 200,000 to spend on fuel and remain with some cash to save. A car is like a child, you have to wash and service it for it to serve you well. You also have to fuel it.All these expenses require that you have enough cash at any given time