How Much Are you supposed to earn in Nairobi to own a car



“I don’t know how much one is supposed to earn to own a car in Nairobi. My current salary is Ksh 50,000 and I fear expenses that come with owning a personal car”


I go straight to the answer. A car is a luxury and if you can commute without major issues there is no problem surviving without a car.

With a salary of Ksh 50,000,I am sure your net income is Ksh 42,000,assuming you are not servicing any loan.If that is the case, then I assume you are paying rent, which costs between Ksh 7,000-Ksh13,000.After paying rent,you will remain with approximately Ksh 32,000 to spend on shopping,misleneuous expenses and transport. If you subtract Ksh 10,000 for shopping, you will remain with Ksh 22,000.Subtract Ksh 5,000 for spending and miscellaneous expenses.

Now,if you decide to buy a small car, say a Toyota Vitz,that consumes daily fuel worth Ksh 300,in a month you will spend Ksh 9,000 on fuel.If you add other expenses, such as car wash costs, you will remain with Ksh 7,000 to save. This amount is small and may not even reach your bank account.

It’s therefore important to note that buying a car will not be a wise decision. A car is like a child who you have to feed and take care of.It’s only good when it becomes a basic necessity.