Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab Pricing



Deffy’s Napa Valley Rehab is one of the best rehabilitation centers in California. Pricing of the products and services at this center purely depend on the period of stay, services and treatment costs.

While treatment can be expensive, the financial cost of your addiction in the long term can cost you much more.

The rehab believes that treatment is an investment into your future, and they do all that they can to help you make the investment.

Affording Treatment Looks Different For Everyone

Many of the guests who visit the rehab are able to afford treatment with significant help from their insurance company, others finance their treatment or pay in cash, and others are able to receive a scholarship to help cover the cost.

  • Insurance: Deffy’s Napa Valley is in network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and accept all insurance companies with out-of-network benefits (PPO).
  • Financing: The rehab is able to finance up to half of your treatment cost. Exact amounts will vary depending on your credit.
  • Cash: If you choose to pay cash for treatment, Deffy’s accept cash/cashier’s check, visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Calculate the Costs of Your Addiction

Every addiction is different and so is price you pay to maintain the destructive lifestyle.  The cost to a teenager experimenting with heroin is very different than that of a middle-aged meth addict who has been using drugs for most of his/her life.

Cost of treatment

The cost depends on gender, age and duration you are going to stay at the Rehab center. A child aged below 10 years will spend zero $ while a man of age 40 will spend more than $100 per month. A woman will spend less than a man while those who have been under the substance for long will spend maximum amount.

If you want to calculate the amount you will pay in the rehab click on the link below

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