Content.AD vs Google AdSense



Content.AD and Google AdSense provide publishers opportunity to monetize their websites, but most of the website owners are often confused which between the two is better…we have an answer.

I actually managed to have the two in two of my websites and the results I got shocked me.

While content AD has higher click through rate than Google AdSense, it actually pays less per click. What I noticed is that for every 1,000 visitors I was managing only $0.5 from Content.Ad while Google earnings ranged between $1 and $3 with the same amount of traffic.

Ads Placement

In terms of Google AdSense, most of the Ads perform better when placed above the post and immediately below the post. The Ads also work best when placed in between the post. The best performing Ad sizes include 728 by 90,336 by 280,300 by 250 and 300 by 600.Between, above and below posts, place 336 by 280 and 300 by 250 Ad sizes. The best performing Ad size in the header include 728 by 90 and 750 by 100.

When it comes to Content.AD Ad placement, the most performing Ads are those placed below the post and sidebar. It has been established that for every 1000 page views, at least 50 clicks will be achieved. If you try to place the Ads between the posts or at the header, you won’t get the desired results.


From my experience, Google AdSense earnings are at least 4 times that Content.AD,meaning AdSense is superior to Content.AD in terms of earnings.

For every 1000 page views you expect to earn at least $1 from AdSense whereas Content.Ad pays even less than half of this amount. But you have to understand that the source of traffic matters. If you are receiving traffic from USA, UK, Canada and Australia, you will definitely make more from both monetization methods.

How to Join Google AdSense or Content.AD

Content.AD allows publishers to join with ease. By just signing up, you will wait for at most 24 hours to receive a confirmation email from the company. What is more interesting is that as long as you have traffic from 5,000 upwards, you are allowed to join Content.AD.Google AdSense on the other hand is difficult to join, though it does not restrict publishers on page view issues. Nowadays more than 70 % of publishers are rejected by Google. AdSense because of their strict policies and guidelines.

Can you use Google AdSense and Content.AD on a website?

The answer is yes.Content.AD does not in any way conflict with Google AdSense policies. In fact, it’s highly encouraged to have both on a website, but you should also note that Content.AD might negatively impact on your AdSense earnings.