Cheapest cars in Tanzania



Which are the cheapest cars to buy in Tanzania? I have Tsh 20 million that I would like to buy a car with. I am wondering whether I would get a quality but cheap car to drive in Tanzania.

The cheapest cars to buy in Tanzania go for as low as Tsh 10 million and as high as Tsh 30 million. It’s advisable if you are earning less than Tsh 1 million per month, you should not go for a very expensive car, because you won’t be able to afford fuel.

There are reasons why some cars are cheap; it’s due to the cheap technology used to make the car, whether it’s new or used one, the model, make and the engine capacity. Also one of the contributing factors is the demand of the car.

Based on the current car market in Tanzania, here is a list of cheapest cars in Tanzania

  1. Toyota Alphard
  2. Toyota Fielder
  3. Toyota Raum
  4. Toyota IST
  5. Toyota Spacio
  6. Toyota Passo
  7. Toyota Vitz
  8. Toyota Succeed
  9. Toyota Noah
  10. Toyota Brevis
  11. Toyota Sienta
  12. Toyota Corolla
  13. Toyota Ractis
  14. Nissan X-Trail
  15. Mazda Demio

Since most Tanzanians are willing to spend less than Tsh 20 million to buy a car,we have listed cars that cost less than Tsh 20 million.

The most popular cars include Totota Vitz,Toyota Sienta and Nissan X-Trail