Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters Certificate Course



Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters Certificate Course admission and details are as follows.



The CILA Certificate is an entry level qualification which is open to any member of the CILA. Studying for this qualification will give you a basic understanding of the insurance market, the principles of claims handling and specific claims handling issues. Attaining the Certificate qualification will provide you with an excellent foundation in claims handling and will also allow you to progress to the CILA Diploma examinations.

The CILA Certificate qualification is provided by the CILA in conjunction with the exam facilitator Pearson Vue.

How will I be assessed?


To obtain the CILA Certificate qualification you must pass the following multiple choice exams:

CH1 – Introduction to the Insurance Industry
45 multiple choice questions in 60 minutes

CH2 – Claims Handling
45 multiple choice questions in 60 minutes

CH3 – Advanced Claims Handling (Handling Claims for Specific Losses)
45 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes*

*CH3 includes scenario based multiple choice questions and so the time allowed for this exam has been extended to 90 minutes to provide candidates with sufficient reading time. The CILA Certificate exams are computer based and can be taken at exam centres throughout the world at a date and time to suit you.

How will I study & how long will it take?


The CILA have produced learning material to help you study for the CILA Certificate exams. We estimate that if you are starting out in your career CH1 and CH2 will take you between 40 to 60 hours of study each. CH3 is likely to take 60 hours of study.

A sample of the Certificate learning material is provided below:

How much will it cost?


The learning material and entry for each exam are purchased together at a cost of:

CH1 = £190

CH2 = £190

CH3 = £195

Total = £575

We recommend that you purchase and complete your Certificate exams one at a time.  This is because each exam entry comes in the form of a voucher which has an expiry date.

Please note that payment is made to the exam facilitator, Pearson Vue, and not the Institute.

Sitting the Exams


The Certificate exams can usually be sat at an exam centre close to your home or place of work and at a time that suits you.  Simply follow the steps below to find your nearest exam centre and book your exam sitting.

  1. Locate exam centre. The exam centres are provided by the exam facilitator Pearson Vue. We recommend that you check the location of Pearson Vue exam centres via the Pearson Vue website

If an exam centre is not available in your country, please contact the Institute at for further assistance.

  1. Schedule your exam. When you feel ready to take an exam, you can schedule a date, time and location via the Pearson Vue website: