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Below is all you need to know about CFE exam costs.The costs include sitting for exams, retake and the cost for CFE Exam Prep Toolkit

How much does the CFE Exam Prep Course cost?
The full price of the CFE Exam Prep Course is $995 (shipping and handling charges will be added with the purchase of the CD-ROM version). Associate members receive a discounted member price of $795 (plus shipping and handling with the CD-ROM version). ACFE Members have the option to participate in a Member’s Only Installment Plan with three monthly payments of $275 each (Payment by credit card only. Payment includes administration fee. Shipping is not included and will be added to your first payment).

For more information, call Member Services at (800) 245-3321 or (512) 478-9000. You are not eligible to be certified until your balance is paid in full. Please allow an additional 3-5 days for processing your first payment. The download or online version of the CFE Exam Prep Course will be available as soon as your first payment is processed. If you are ordering a CD-ROM, please allow an additional two business days before your order ships. Texas residents pay additional sales tax.

Find additional information regarding the CFE Exam Prep Course, including versions and formats.

What is included in the CFE Exam Prep Toolkit?
The toolkit includes the CFE Exam Prep Course, the Fraud Examiners Manual (printed), and CFE Exam Prep Flashcards for $945, plus shipping and handling.

What is the ACFE’s Money-Back Pass Guarantee?
The ACFE’s Money-Back Pass Guarantee assures that any applicant who prepares for the CFE Exam with the CFE Exam Prep Course and fails the exam will be offered either free retakes of the exam or a refund of the cost of the CFE Exam Prep Course. In order to qualify for the Money-Back Pass Guarantee, you must meet the following conditions:

You must complete the CFE Exam Prep Course within one year from purchase date.

You must take the CFE Exam within 90 days of completing the CFE Exam Prep Course. Your completion date is recorded automatically the day of the last completed section.

You must correctly answer all questions in the CFE Exam Prep Course database at least once. If you incorrectly answer a question, it will return to the question pool, and you will be asked the question again at a future time.

You must score at least 85 percent on the practice exam for each section.

If you request your Exam Activation Key before completing the CFE Exam Prep Course, you waive your Money Back Pass Guarantee.


If I have been studying an old version of the CFE Exam Prep Course and just recently registered to take the exam, will the test correspond with my study materials?
Not necessarily. Exam editions and versions are administered for a period of two years from the initial release, not your purchase date. The version of the CFE Exam you will be provided is based on your ACFE purchase history. If your study materials or exam are expired, you will be provided the most current version of the CFE Exam. Please contact an ACFE Member Services Representative at [email protected] for details.

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How much does the CFE Exam cost?
The cost to take the CFE Exam is $400. If you purchased the CFE Exam Prep Course, a $100 credit on the cost of the CFE Exam fee will be applied, reducing the CFE Exam fee to $300.

If I have to retake an exam section, what is the cost?
CFE Exam Prep Course students who have qualified for the Money-Back Pass Guarantee will not have to pay to retake failed sections. All other exam applicants may retake the CFE Exam for $25 per section. All four sections must be passed within three consecutive sittings. For example, if you fail two sections and pass two sections on your first attempt, you have two more attempts to pass the failed sections. You will not have to retake the two passed sections. If you have not passed all four sections by your third attempt, you will be required to retake ALL sections of the exam whether a section or sections were initially passed or not. Most individuals pass the CFE Exam in three attempts or less. You will submit a CFE Exam affidavit for each submission of the CFE Exam.