Car Wash Business in Uganda, Profits and Capital Required



Car Wash business is one of the best businesses to do in Uganda. The business venture requires not more than Ush 4 million but its returns are good.

How to start car wash business

Car wash business simply require three most important things:

  • Water
  • Space
  • Car wash machine
  • License

The three require a combined capital of Ush 5 million, which is not a lot of money considering the profits you will make.

The source of water should be from a tap or river. If you use tap water then you will be required to pay for it but if it’s water from the river, you won’t pay a penny.

Best location for car wash business in Uganda

The best town to do car wash business in Uganda is Kampala. This is the city where most vehicles and motorcycles are located.

Profits from Car wash business in Kampala

If you are lucky to start a car wash business, you will make per day Ush 10,000 and above. Most entrepreneurs we spoke with confirmed they make Ush 20,000-Ush 50,000 per day.

George,who started his car wash business in 2015 shares his story.

“I am George and I want to encourage people who are planning to do car wash business, but before I do that I must say that for the first few months you will struggle to get customers but after some time,you will find it easy to operate this kind of business.

I started my business with Ush 3.5 million and my business is located at the heart of Kampala.Two months later,I was struggling to pay my bills but I broke even during festive season when I gained most of my clients.I can say that after losing my job,I thank God I was able to start this business…I am now a proud entrepreneur and I don’t regret thinking along this line”