Can I buy a Taxi in Nairobi or a Matatu Nissan, Which is More Profitable?



“I want to start transport business in Nairobi but I am confused which between Taxi and matatu business is more profitable.

Currently, I have Ksh 1.5 million I want to dedicate into this business but I have not found someone who can give me the best advice. I want to do business that is less stressful, more profitable and able to sustain itself even when I don’t have money in my bank account to boost it”.

I am a banker, busy, so I don’t have time to supervise my business”.


Based on the information you have provided above, we advise you to buy a small car for taxi business and take it to Uber to manage your business. This would be the best option since you will delegate management duties to Uber and avoid the stress of monitoring your business on a daily basis.

I once had the idea of starting matatu business but the testimony I got from one of my friend whose business collapsed scared me.I came to learn that for you to succeed in matatu business you have to monitor it from hour to hour, be ready to share your income with the police, touts, conductors, drivers and a couple of other people who take advantage of your absence.Matatu business is hectic.

One of the reasons I encourage taxi business is because the driver is always careful, implying that your car is not prone to accidents .This also means you will be able to recover the capital you injected into the business.

Finally,as you have stated, I am a banker, busy, so I don’t have time to supervise my business”,it means you won’t have time to move around to see whether the business is okay,this is due to strict work place policies. It would therefore be in bad faith if I advise you to start matatu business.