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BPP University offers Actuarial Training to individuals who are pursuing SOA Actuarial courses. The training will prepare you to tackle the tough exams so as to become a Certified Actuarial Analyst.

Certified Actuarial Analyst

This is an internationally recognised, professional qualification offered by CAA Global (a joint venture between the IFoA and the SOA). The qualification will equip you with a set of technical skills which can be applied to a wide variety of financial roles.

BPP study packages

BPP Actuarial Education offers a wide range of affordable, comprehensive, online study packages to assist you in studying for this qualification. The products are:

  • Flexible – you can choose from three packages, and you can work through the material in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Tailored to your individual needs – they enable you to assess your current level of knowledge and use this to move quickly through the topics with which you are already familiar, leaving you to focus on the topics you need to concentrate on.
  • Interactive – the products contain integrated questions and tests, online tutorials that you can pause to reflect/attempt questions and online forums.

BPP Actuarial Education has been providing study support since the CAA qualification was launched in 2014, and are the leading provider of materials and tuition..

Getting Started

Decide which subject you are going to study, decide which product you want to use then visit BPP Online Store to purchase the package of your choice and get started straightaway.

CAA Subjects

To become a Certified Actuarial Analyst you need to pass six modules. These modules consist of an entry test, the main actuarial modules and a practical test of essential modelling skills.

Title Assessment
Module 0 * Entry Test Computer-based testing
Module 1 Finance and Financial Mathematics Computer-based testing
Module 2 Statistics and Models Computer-based testing
Module 3 Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics Computer-based testing
Module 4 Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics Computer-based testing
Module 5 ** Models and Audit Trails Practical exam delivered online

* Students must pass this before they take any further modules.
** Students can only attempt this module after all other modules have been passed.

Details of exam sessions and more information about each module, including a Resource Guide (which includes the syllabus and a specimen set of questions) can be found on the CAA Global website.


BPP comprehensive product range aims to cater for your needs at affordable prices. In addition, they offer you the chance to upgrade your package at a later date should you so wish.

Study Package prices

Bronze Silver Gold
Module 0 £30 £60 £100
Modules 1-3 £55 £110 £185
Module 4 £50 £100 £175
Module 5 £45 £115 £150

A 25% discount on the price of CAA study materials is available if your, ie if your earnings are less than £2,970.00 per annum. Earnings include income from all sources, including pension income. Evidence of your reduced rate subscriptions or of your annual income may be requested by BPP ActEd. To receive the discounted prices you will need make a declaration about the level of your income during the checkout process of our online store. The discounts will then be applied before you complete your purchase. Standard dispatch charges will still apply (see below).


You may need to add additional charges to the prices listed above, in particular:

(a) Students have a choice of an e-book or a hard-copy textbook. A despatch fee will be added for the hard-copy textbook as follows:

  • UK : £4
  • Ireland : £6
  • Europe : £15
  • South Africa : £20
  • Rest of world : £20

(b) VAT will be added for orders from within the EU (with the exception of the Bronze Study Package with hard copy textbook).


Upgrade Package prices

Bronze to Silver Upgrade Bronze to Gold Upgrade Silver to Gold Upgrade
Module 0 £35 + VAT £75 + VAT £45 + VAT
Modules 1-3 £60 + VAT £135 + VAT £80 + VAT
Module 4 £55 + VAT £130 + VAT £80 + VAT
Module 5 £75 + VAT £110 + VAT £40 + VAT