Bluehost Shared Hosting Plan, Prices, Maximum Page Views and Benefits



Bluehost is one of the best hosting company in the world, especially for small and medium websites which host on shared hosting plan. The company is headquartered in USA but it serves over 2 million customers, spread across the world.

If your website does not exceed 800,000 monthly visitors, Bluehost  shared hosting plan is the best plan to host your website, but when it exceeds this number of visitors, you are required to migrate to VPS/Dedicated server. But before you do that, you should be aware that there are factors to consider before you migrate: the first one being the number of bandwidth your website consumes, websites without images normally consume small amount of bandwidth, and with such a website you don’t have to migrate to a dedicated server, unless the company informs you that your website consumes too much resources and memory.

Other companies allow website owners to make monthly payment as they enjoy their services, Bluehost, however demand that you pay annually, or after every three years.

There are three main plans under Shared Hosting package, they include: basic, plus and prime. Basic is a plan for individuals who have just launched a website. This plan is ideal for websites with less than 200,000 monthly visitors.Bluehost charges $2.95 for this plan.

Many customers use plus plan, which is ideal for individuals whose websites receive moderate traffic. If your website does not have many images and receives 5,000 daily visitors, you can use this plan. The company charges $ 5.45 per month.

The most recommended plan is Prime plan, which can accommodate websites which receive up to 700,000 monthly page views. Under this package, you are required to pay $5.45 per month, which is not much considering the amount of traffic you receive.

One thing I would encourage you to do: when buying these plans, please ensure you also have SiteLock.SiteLock will protect you from hacking, viruses and malware. Also ensure your website is not only optimized but also does not have heavy images.