Between a Mazda Demio and Toyota Vitz,Which is Better



I want to own a Toyota Vitz or a Mazda Demio but I don’t know which car to buy, advice.


Mazda Demio and Toyota Vitz are two top small and cheap cars for people with low budget.To select the best between the two cars is usually hard, but let’s summarize in simple terms.I will start with testimony.

Timothy bought a Mazda Demio at $3000,he was happy to own a car.Six months after he bought the car, it developed a mechanical problem and he had to buy a spare part. After moving around shops for an ideal spare part, he was shocked to find no shop had the spare part he wanted. He had to import from Japan.He sold the car after making sure it was in good condition.

The reason you should acquire a Toyota Vitz over Mazda Demio is that the former has readily available spare parts.It also has the comfort one needs. Though it’s slightly expensive that Mazda Demio.

It has been established that a Toyota Vitz can serve you up to 10 years without developing major mechanical problems, which a Mazda can serve you less than 7 years. It’s therefore advisable to go for a Toyota Vitz.

Another reason why Toyota Vitz is good is,since we know most people can’t afford brand new cars, they have to go for used cars,Mazda Demio used cars are not the best to buy. This is because their stability is optimal when they have covered less mileage,as they get driven,they become less stable and vulnerable. Toyota Vitz cars are stable even after covering hundreds of thousands of mileage.