Best Types of Land Rover Models in Kenya



Do you want to buy a Land Rover in Kenya? There are 4 top models in Kenya.

Land Rover cars are common among the high and might in the society. They cost as high as Ksh 30 million. Most Range Rover cars, which rank among the most elegant cars in Kenya, are owned by the business class, politicians and sons/daughters of rich men in Kenya.

The most popular Land Rover model is a RANGE ROVER SPORT.

The Range Rover Sport is a Land Rover mid-size luxury sport utility vehicle produced in the United Kingdom by Jaguar Land Rover, a subsidiary of Tata Motors. The first generation went into production in 2005, and was replaced by the second generation Sport in 2013.The car is sold at Ksh 7 million to Ksh 24 million and is found in CMC motors, Marshall East Africa and in many Motor dealers in Kenya.


The Land Rover Discovery is a mid-size luxury SUV, from the British car maker Land Rover. There have been four generations of the vehicle, the first of which was introduced in 1989. The current Discovery 4 is marketed in North America as the LR4.Land Rover discovery 3 is most popular among the middle class while the Discovery 4 is a darling of the rich.

Rich women love Land Rover Discover car because is reasonably small and elegant. It costs Ksh 5 million to Ksh 15 million.


The Range Rover Evoque is a compact luxury crossover SUV produced by the British manufacturer Land Rover, part of Tata’s Jaguar Land Rover group. It has been produced since July 2011 in three and five-door versions, with both two-wheel and four-wheel drive. The Evoque is designed to appeal to urban buyers and meet requirements for lower CO₂ emissions and fuel economy.

Range Rover Evoque is ideal car for high class women in Kenya. Several celebrities and business women own this car.

In Kenya it costs Ksh 7 million to Ksh 14 million.


The Range Rover is a large luxury four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle produced by British car maker Land Rover, a subsidiary of the Indian multinational conglomerate Tata Group, and serves as its flagship model. The model, launched in 1970, is now in its fourth generation. Land Rover has expanded the Range Rover model line to include two entirely different designs: the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport that derive core styling, brand identity. This car rivals Range Rover Sport but it’s more popular than the former.