Best Rehab Centers in Canada



Best rehab centers in Canada are those having the best services, both counseling and treatment for drug addiction. We have a list of these centers, based on experiences from people who have gone through them.

  1. Cedars at Cobble Hill

Cedars at Cobble Hill is one of the best rehab centers in Canada.


Addictions are as complex and unique as the people and families they affect. As such, a recovery care plan must be properly individualized to address those complex and unique needs in order to be successful. Cedars at Cobble Hill’s residential substance abuse treatment program is built with that knowledge at the core, offering individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs and recovery support services.

All programs are fully individualized based on the clinical and medical needs of each patient. After a thorough initial assessment, our professional staff will continue to monitor the treatment plan, making adjustments when needed to establish a dynamic framework for long-term recovery.


Alcohol Addiction

A highly addictive drug, alcohol is a depressant and is second only to tobacco as the substance that causes the most harm to Canadians. The complexities of alcoholism are vast, with many different causes and effects. At Cedars, alcohol addiction program considers a variety of biopsychosocial factors to ensure the rehab center provide the best platform for success.

Drug Addiction

Overcoming drug addiction can be overwhelming. But a robust framework of education, counselling and support, long-term recovery is possible. Our drug addiction treatment program offers just that, and more including medically monitored detox and the critical foundation of the 12-Step recovery principles to ensure that there are no barriers to a successful outcome.

  1. Canadian Active Rehab Ctr

Canadian Active Rehabilitation Centre is a multidisciplinary rehabilitation treatment facility with the objective of returning patients to their pre-injury, functional status in an efficient, cost effective manner using the latest research-based treatment protocols, Specialists in treating motor vehicle accident injuries have built a reputation for compassionate and professional care in the Greater Toronto Area.

In addition to handling motor vehicle accident injuries, the center also specialize in treating other ailments such as headaches, neck and lower back pain and a variety of strains and sprains.

Canadian Active Rehab offer treatment in physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic medicine, supervised active exercise programs, custom-made foot orthotics, psychological counseling, biofeedback, acupuncture, occupational therapy and pain management therapies.

The clinic is staffed with highly qualified professional rehabilitation specialists including: registered physiotherapists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation trained chiropractors, registered massage therapists and kinesiologists.

Languages Spoken: English, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Chinese, Filipino, Italian, French, Spanish, Jamaican, Gujarati, Polish

  1. Wascana Rehabilitation Centre

The Wascana Rehabilitation Centre provides comprehensive medical rehabilitation programs for adults and children, as well as specialized long-term care. A wide variety of programming, including Functional Rehabilitation, Amputee Services, Spinal Cord Injury Services and Orthopedics, Children’s Services, Adult Rehabilitation, Extended Care and Veteran’s Services, are available to meet the particular needs of clients. The Centre serves the population of southern Saskatchewan.

The Centre was originally formed in 1968 with the amalgamation of the Physical Rehabilitation Centre and the Provincial Geriatric Centre, operated by the Department of Health. In 1989, the facility underwent a five-year, $50 million regeneration program. The facility size was increased to 400,000-sq. ft. from 135,000 sq. ft. Space for both inpatients and outpatients programming was increased.

The Centre became part of the Regina Health District in 1994 and a facility of the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region in 2002. It currently has a total of 307 beds – 43 for rehabilitation inpatients, 205 beds for specialized long-term care clients, five children’s beds and 54 beds for clients placed through Veterans Affairs Canada.

  1. Freedom from Addiction

Freedom is one of Canada’s leading and most innovative alcohol and drug addiction recovery homes. Freedom Addiction is a leader in drug recovery offering a host of superb de-addiction programs and services for youth, adults, families and employers. Our patients come from all walks of life, gender, age and from all professionals. Freedom is a caring, best-trained, and a recognized leader in addiction rehabilitation. Freedom is located in a serene homely setting in the beautiful and peaceful Aurora-King City area, just north of Toronto, Canada’s socio-economic hub. Freedom’s superb, natural, peaceful, warm, and beautiful 25-bed 6,000 square foot building and premises come complete with the best treatment amenities for our clients.

  1. GreeneStone Muskoka

GreeneStone provides expert care in the treatment and recovery of those with substance abuse issues. The center offers a comfortable and private environment where executives and professionals are able to find the individualized care that they need.

Located in a resort setting in scenic Muskoka, Ontario and equipped with holistic spa services, delicious, nutritious and seasonal menus offered through the Lodge Restaurant, and a full suite of fitness and recreation facilities, is a place where you can heal, rest and recover while under the care of a multidisciplinary team of skilled and experienced professionals. GreenStone physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nurses, nutritionists and physical fitness experts work collaboratively to produce the best treatment outcomes for you.

  1. Canadian Addiction Rehab

If you’re looking for non-government alcohol and/or substance abuse and addiction treatment for yourself, a loved one, or a friend, Canadian Addiction Rehab can help.

Canadian Addiction Rehab treats every client as an individual – with unique needs medically, clinically, and spiritually. Their alcohol and drug addiction treatment program has been created to address the general needs of the abuser/addict and set them on the path to successful recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.

Canadian Addiction Rehab is conveniently located in the beautiful country setting of Caledon Village, on 98 acres of a hilly countryside, in a safe, active healthy and enjoyable community. Caledon is Canada’s safest town and Ontario’s greenest town. The small town is a blend of urban and rural, modern and historic, all nestled between the hills of Headwaters, Oak Ridges, Moraine and Niagara Escarpment.

  1. Chopra Treatment Center

The mission of the Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center is to provide a safe and compassionate environment where guests suffering from addictive behaviours or traumatic experiences can receive the tools they need to achieve balance and the integration of body, mind and spirit that are required for healing and wellness.

  1. iRecover Alberta

By utilizing current technology and providing respite in the rural farmland of central Alberta, Canada, iRecover Alberta brings traditional, proven drug addiction help into the 21st century. In a relaxing residential program that offers each individual a private single room, iRecover Alberta drug addiction treatment center program provides tablet computers to all its clients as a means of equipping them with educational materials, workbooks and videos needed in recovery. Another key component of the iRecover approach is the ability for clients to contact their counselors at any time, including during aftercare. As the first of the iRecover facilities, iRecover Alberta has laid the groundwork for expanding the program into a worldwide franchise operation.