Best Place to Sell an Old Personal Car in Kenya



“I have an old car I want to sell and buy a new one, but I don’t know where to sell it here in Kenya”. I know this is the question you are asking yourself as you want to dispose your car. Well, if this is your thought, here are places you should take your car for disposal.

  1. OLX

I would recommend that you place your car on OLX, especially if it’s a cheap car.OLX will give you a free platform to market your car and possibly refer a potential client.

  1. Car Bazaar

There are several car bazaars in Nairobi and other towns where you take your old car for display at a cost. The Bazaars normally charge between Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 5,000 to display a car.

The beauty of car bazaars over OLX is that they have a good reputation and whoever comes to the bazaar is a serious client.

  1. Stick a price tag at the back of your car

Another easiest way to sell an old car is to stick a price tag at the back of your car. The price tag should read, “on sale”. In the sticker you should also include the price, so as to attract clients.

Notes that the sticker is helpful when the car is always in motion especially in the city.

  1. List it on Cheki

Cheki is a website that lists cars on sale. This particular website is visited by over 50,000 potential car buyers daily. Listing your car on Cheki would take you a step nearer to disposing it.To list it on Cheki, you have to pay the company something small,Ksh 1,000-Ksh10,000 per month .The photo of your car is placed on the website plus your contacts such that whoever is interested in buying it will contact you.

  1. Sell to your friend/workmate

Another easiest way to dispose your car is mentioning to your workmates and friends that you are selling it.If the car is in good condition, you will get orders from your friends.

  1. Take a loan from a bank/SACCO and list the car as collateral

Another clever way of selling your car is to take a loan from a SACCO or Bank and list the car as collateral. The bank will come for the car in case you default.

  1. Take your car to a garage

You can also take your car to a garage for disposal. Some garages and car service centres have several cars placed on sale and indeed several of them are sold.

  1. Make your car a Taxi

Another way of doing away with your car is by making it a matatu/taxi. This way you will earn money as you wait for clients to come.