Best Insurance Companies in Kuwait



The best insurance companies in Kuwait are those that provide excellent pension schemes, medical cover, annuities, provident fund, underwriting services, motor insurance and other important insurance services.

There are more than 30 insurance companies and brokers in Kuwait, but these are the best insurance companies in the country.

  1. Kuwait Insurance Company

Kuwait Insurance Company is ranked insurer in the country. This company offers services to thousands of individual and corporates.

Some of the best services offered by Kuwait Insurance Company include:

  • Motor Insurance
  • Medical Cover
  • Annuities
  • Pension Schemes
  • Life Insurance Policy
  1. Kuwait Qatar Insurance Company

Kuwait Qatar Insurance Company is also another highly trusted insurer. The company provides pension scheme services, car insurance, terrorism cover, health medical cover and Life insurance cover. Its contacts are:

Kuwait Qatar Insurance Co.

8th Floor, Burj Jassim

Al-Soor Street, Sharq

  1. O. Box: 25137

Safat: 13112

Kuwait City, Kuwait

  1. Warba Insurance Company

Warba Insurance company is also another good insurance institution to approach for insurance services.Located in Ahmad Al Jaber St, Al Kuwayt, Kuwait,the company offers a wide range of products that include pension schemes,annuities,provident fund,medical cover,life insurance and car insurance.

  1. Boubyan Takaful Insurance Company

Boubyan Takaful Insurance company was incorporated on 21st June 2006 as one of the new breed of takaful providers in Kuwait.

The Company has paid up capital of KD 10 million (USD 36 million) and provides a range of general takaful, family takaful and medical takaful plans to corporate and individual clients. Boubyan Takaful operates across many channels of distribution offering our products and services to the widest range of the population in Kuwait.

Boubyan Takaful places customer care at the center of its business, to ensure that each customer receives the highest level of service.

  1. Gulf Insurance Group

Gulf Insurance was established in 1962.

It is a public shareholding company listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange and a consistent market leader in Kuwait in terms of premiums written.


The Group is amongst the largest and most diversified insurance groups in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Gulf Insurance Group is one of the leading private insurers (By Gross Premium Written) with a strong competitive market position in Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain and Egypt.

Furthermore, the Group has operations in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Algeria,Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

The Group’s both revenue and earnings are well diversified geographically.

  1. Enaya Insurance Company

Enaya Insurance Company is located at 15th Floor, Al Arabia Tower, Ahmed Al Jaber Street, Sharq, Kuwait, 13059, Kuwait. You can contact Enaya Insurance Company with telephone number +965 6510 3185 .

Enaya Insurance Company is categorized as Auto Insurance Agency, Fire Insurance and Marine Insurance, Health and Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance in 15th Floor, Al Arabia Tower, Ahmed Al Jaber Street, Sharq, Kuwait, 13059, Kuwait

  1. Ghazal Insurance Company

Ghazal Insurance Co. is a Kuwaiti shareholding closed company with the total capital of KD 6 million full paid established in 2008. Ghazal Insurance endeavors to make available all types of insurance coverage to customers. Gazal Insurance Co. employs highly efficient and professional personnel that support the organization to achieve its goals at a local and regional levels.


Although Gazelle Insurance Company is recent, nevertheless, with the help of God, and its technical staff possessing extensive experience in the local and international insurance and reinsurance market, in addition to the credibility insured by the company management in the insurance and reinsurance markets and its shareholders who possess high financial potentials and creditworthiness, All this has provided the opportunity to Gazelle Insurance to acquire the confidence of the biggest reinsurance companies in the world who enjoy (A) rating from the international rating institutions AM, BEST, S&P. The leader for the company’s relative agreements is the Swiss Reinsurance Company, as well as the leader in the company’s agreements which exceed the losses and life agreements of SCOR company. This is in addition to another group of major reinsurance companies in the world, including BEST RE, GIC and others.

The company enjoys outstanding professional relations enabling it to sign optional reinsurance with many regional and international reinsurance companies.