Best Cars for Middle Class in Uganda



Which are the best cars for middle class in Uganda? Here we provide information regarding some of the best cars in Uganda that are less costly but durable.

Before you buy a car in Uganda you must look at the quality of the engine, mileage, engine capacity and the cost. Going by the range of prices of different cars, Toyota is ranked as the most preferred brand in Uganda. With Ush 10 million you can get a used car from Japan.

If you are planning to buy a car in Uganda, here is a list of best cars for middle class

  1. Toyota Wish

Toyota Wish is one of the most favourite cars for individuals earning between Ush 1 million to Ush 3 million.It costs between Ush 15 million to Ush 30 million.

  1. Toyota Vitz

If you need a fuel efficient car in Uganda, please buy a Toyota Vitz.In a day you will enjoy the ride and only spend less than Ush 8,000.

Toyota Vitz is most suitable for women and has been voted among the best small cars in the world.

  1. Toyota Spacio

Have you seen how Ugandans are crazy over a Toyota Spacious?!!This car is definitely a favorite for the middle class and is no doubt among the best vehicles for individuals with strict budget.If you have Ush 2.4 million to Ush 10 million you can buy a Spacio.

  1. Toyota Premio

Toyota Premio has never disappointed and is always rated 5-star.Ugandans love this car because it has the most comfortable interior. Besides, it’s fuel efficient.

If you have Ush 11 million to Ush 20 million,you can can acquire a Premio in Uganda.

  1. Toyota Nadia

A Toyota Nadia is small enough to suit people who need a cheap small car. Commonly found in Kampala, the car costs less than Ush 15 million….very cheap!!!

  1. Toyota Noah

Toyota Noah is perfect for people with big families. In Uganda, this car rivals a Toyota Voxy but is more popular than a Voxy.

If you have a large family,of more than 6 people,a Toyota Noah is the best model to but in Uganda.It will cost you Ush 10 million to Ush 20 million to acquire one.

  1. Toyota Harrier

If you belong to a class of Ush 1 million to Ush 5 million salary, Toyota Harrier is one of the best cars to buy in Uganda. This car has class and elegancy.

  1. Toyota Gaia

Another common and cheap car in Uganda is a Toyota Gaia. Buying this car means you will save enough from fuel and also enjoy the comfort that comes with driving this car. You will need not more than Ush 15 million to import this car from Japan or simply purchase one within Uganda.

  1. Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown is like a Mercedes Benz. The comfort that comes with this car is amazing, leave alone the elegancy.

Toyota Crown is a perfect car for managers and senior employees of top institutions in Uganda. The beauty of this car is that fuel consumption is low but provides value for your money. If you have Ush 20 million to Ush 25 million you can get a Toyota Crown.

  1. Toyota Voxy

Toyota Voxy is also another vehicle we won’t leave behind. Like the Toyota NOAH,Voxy is an ideal car for a large family. When going for shopping, if you don’t feel a Totoya Noah, turn to a Toyota Voxy.

  1. Toyota Fielder

If you spot a Toyota Fielder, buy-this car is good.

  1. Subaru Forester

People say Subaru Forester s for the rich. Let me say today, even if you belong to the middle class, you can afford to maintain this car.

If you want something that can race better than Toyota cars, this is the best car to buy.

  1. Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy is also an upgrade from Toyota cars. The car is relatively cheap and comfortable.

  1. Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback has almost edged out all other cars in terms of class and comfort. If you can manage to spend at least Ush 5,000 daily on fuel, buy this car.

  1. Mazda Demio

Who in Uganda doesn’t know a Mazda Demio?!!!This car is tops.

If you want a low fuel consumption car in Uganda, don’t go far, just go to a nearby Bazaar and acquire a Mazda Demio.

  1. Nissan-Xtrail

If your taste is Nissan cars,X-Trail is the best for you. Nissan X-Trail has proved to be one of the most comfortable cars in Uganda and is available at cheap price, normally less than Ush 20 million.