Al Salam International Hospital Dental Clinic



Al-Salam dental center provides dental services 24hrs/7days a week and is open on national holidays as well. It consists of 11 clinics, plus an X-Ray

imaging room is equipped with optional:

2D/3D cone beam imaging system along with panoramic and cephalometric X-Ray machines.

Spacious and comfortable reception and a waiting area, in addition to a Q-System –Appointment numbering system to ensure visitors (Walk in or people with appointments ) are well accommodated, Text messaging confirmation system is available for patients to remind them of their next appointment . (Patients usually receive this confirmation text message around 8 PM one day ahead of their scheduled appointment)

Al Salam is the best hospital in Kuwait for dental operation and care.

Contacts for the services are:

Direct: 22232056 / 22232055 / 22232076.

Al Salam Dental Center Doctor’s List

Dr. Dima Najm


Dental Manager & Dentist

Dr. Qumasha Aljame


Consultant Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Anil George


Consultant Oral Surgery & Chief of Dental Department

Dr. Aly Mahmoud


Consultant Prosthodontist BDS, MSc, PhD

Dr. Mona AbdulMoneim


Specialist – Oral Surgery

Dr. Genevive Machado


Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. Dina Yousef


Registrar Periodontist

Dr. Ahmed Bilal


Registrar- Oral Surgery

Dr. Ahmed Lutfi


Registrar Oral Surgery

Dr. Nisreen Fayed


Asst. Registrar Pediatric Dentistry (Kids)

Dr.Maha Salah


Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Salam Saleh


Asst. Registrar

Pediatric Dentistry (Kids)

Dr. Nader El Naggar


Registrar Pediatric Dentistry (Kids)

Dr. Mervat Eid


General Practitioner

Dr. Eman Reda


General Practitioner


Dr. M. Hisham Gabr


Registrar Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Ahmed Samir


Registrar Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Saurabh Chandra


Registrar Endodontist (Root Canal treatment)

Dr. Anu Moany


Registrar Endodontist (Root Canal treatment)

Dr. Bimal Shany


Registrar Endodontist (Root Canal treatment)

Dr. Tarika Kohli


Registrar Prosthodontist

(Crown & Bridge, Veneers)

Dr. Abey Kurian


Registrar Prosthodontist (Crown & Bridge, Dentures)

Dr.Hany Riad Sabry


Prosthodontist Veneers, Crowns & Bridges

D.H Sherin Ali


Dental Hygienist ( Scaling /Bleaching)

D.H Ahmed Tayseer


Dental Hygienist ( Scaling / Bleaching)

Mr. Mohammad Hallaq


Dental Lab